The 5 Golden Rules for Giving Positive & Productive Feedback at Work. - HRtechX (2023)

Thus, every manager should learn how to give meaningful positive feedback.

1. Your feedback should be timely
Make sure that your feedback is timely, given in-the moment. When you see it, praise it!

2. Your feedback should be specific
Avoid giving vague praise and say exactly what your employee did that you find commendable. Your feedback should be crystal clear and to the point.

3. Your feedback should be focused on effort
Focus on your employees’ effort and behavior (what they do) rather than on their personality traits or talent (what they’re like).

4. Frame your feedback in bigger context
Frame your employees’ accomplishments in a bigger context. Explain the impact of their achievement on others and link it to your company’s bottom line.

5. Personalize your feedback
Tailor your positive feedback to each of your employees. Some might enjoy being in the spotlight, while others prefer private, one-on-one praise.

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