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This is a list of links to free homeschool planners, curricula or supplemental materials that are of interest to home educators. There are other free resources listed here on the website in specific categories, so be sure to check around the links on each page for other valuable money saving and FREE resources!

I regularly update the website and check links, but if you find a broken link or outdated resource before I do, please message me.


  • A Timeline of the Life of Albert Einstein-

    Click to learn more about the life of Albert Einstein. Includes the history of his era and contemporaries.

  • All in One High School
  • Ambleside Online-

    Free literature based curriculum - online resources and support for homeschoolers interested in Charlotte Mason 's educational methods

  • Ambleside Online - Charlotte Mason-

    AmblesideOnline is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles - detailed schedules for each year, information about Charlotte Mason's methods and lots of teacher resources and suggested reading lists at the website. Uses books rather than textbooks.

  • Annenberg Learner-

    Online videos - lesson plans, free resources

  • Babbel Language Learning-

    Request a free educational license to use Babbel at the link. Enhance your student’s language skills with Babbel the #1 selling language-learning app in the world. Developed based on a world-class didactic method, experts took the most effective educational strategies and combined them with state-of-the-art technology, creating a powerful curriculum that perfectly supports classroom instruction. Give it a try and see how it can help your students!

    (Video) RESOURCES I WISH I KNEW ABOUT SOONER | Secular Homeschool Mom Collab | Homeschool Resources

  • Bibliomania - Free Classic Literature to Read, Free Research Materials & Study Guides-

    Bibliomania has thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays all of which are absolutely free. You can read the world's greatest fiction by authors such as Dickens and Joyce, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, all Shakespeare's plays, or just dip into some short stories by writers such as Mark Twain, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allan Poe. Books are added every month along with new articles and interviews. Click "Discuss" at the bottom of the page on any book or author to join our messageboards where you can ask your fellow readers questions or just post your opinions.If you need literary questions answered, either post them to the messageboards, or for homework help email

  • Curriculum Free for Shipping-

    Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping is a not-for-profit group that helps connect homeschoolers in need of curriculum, with those who are no longer using their curriculum. Facebook and Website

  • Discovery Education - Free Resources for Teacher-

    Discovery Education offers a broad range of free classroom resources that complement and extend learning beyond the bell for students in grades K-12. Foster deeper engagement and opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today’s busy teachers and parents.

  • Dolly Parton's Imagination Library-

    See if your child is eligible to receive a free book each month. They are high quality & age appropriate books.

  • Duolingo: Foreign Language Learning
  • Easy Peasy
  • Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop-

    Many, many homeschool freebies here - printable games, lapbook lessons and more creative things to teach and explore.

  • Fil-Am Learners-

    Great blogger - Michele has wonderful free resources for teaching your family more about the Filipino culture. Lessons &activities for children to learn basic Tagalog and support forFilipino Americans; customs culture & the Tagalog language.

  • Free Homeschool Convention Printable-

    Heading to a homeschool conference soon? You can download this free homeschool convention notebook at Not Consumed. These free printables will help you prepare and organize to get the most out of your convention experience.Printable homeschool convention notebook includes:

    • Assessing Current Needs Worksheet
    • Browsing Wish List
    • Curriculum Plan for the New Year
    • Session Notes
    • Changes I Want to Make
    • Topics to Pursue in the Future
  • Free Homeschool Help Videos-

    Catholic Christian Homeschool Help videos

    (Video) Homeschool Art Curriculum | How We Do Art | Homeschool Art resources

  • Free KeyBoarding Online Game-

    Fun and free - type to shoot lasers game.

  • Free Language Education-

    Lots of Language Choices

  • Free Online Art Lessons
  • Free Online Course - Winston Churchill-

    Start learning now in Hillsdale College’s free online course, “Winston Churchill and Statesmanship.” There is no cost to take the course and you can watch the lectures at your leisure. Enter you email address at the linkto receive your first lesson via email.

  • Free Planner - 7 Step Curriculum Planner-

    Free Planner that you can customize - download just the forms you need from Tina's Dynamic Homeschool! Great planner.

  • Free Printable Flash Cards-

    Sight Words, Counting, Colors & Animal Flash Cards - Free & Easy to Print

  • Free Resources from All About Learning - Dyslexia Symptom Checklist, Advice for Letter Reversals & More-

    Free teaching tips and advice from the author of the All About Learning Curriculum - spelling, memory, learning difficulties and other free resources you can sign up for.

  • Free Spectrum Test Prep for Your Grade & State-

    Sign up for their email list & download free online resources for your state and grade from Carson-Dellosa Publishing

  • History - Primary Sources from the Library of Congress-

    FREE Links to primary sources from history - teaching tips and lesson ideas

    (Video) Natural Resources for Kids | Teach your kids and students about Earths Natural Resources

  • History Primary Sources for Focusing on African American History-

    Teaching with the Library of Congress has published many posts that show the impact of African Americans in a wide variety of arenas including the arts, sports, literature, and politics, with a particular focus on work to ensure equal rights for all - this link goes to a "Round-up" with many teaching articles & links to primary sources. FREE

  • John Stossel - Free Streaming Video Library on Economics & Current Events with Teacher's Guides-

    John Stossel videos - presents facts & address issues such as freedom, government waste, current events, unintended consequences of government intervention and current events - great way to discuss these with your kids whether you agree or disagree with his thoughts.

  • Learn About Dinosaurs - links & ideas
  • Math Mammoth - Free Downloads, Free Mini Math Teaching Course-

    Also FREE videos, free assessments & free printable items.

  • Mecklenburg - Huntersville - Latta Nature & Outdoor Learning Center-

    Latta Nature Center always has great programs (some free & some have a small fee) available for home educated kids to benefit from - hiking, learning about reptiles and other animals. Check out their page on "Meetups" to see what is on the homeschool schedule that is FREE.

  • Pizza Hut Book It! Program-

    K-6 homeschoolers are welcome to enroll in the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program -BOOK IT! runs every school year from October through March.The teacher sets a reading goal for each child; number of pages, number of books or number of minutes. Free program, free pizza.

  • Rockingham - RCS Homeschool Partnership-

    Home school students who enroll in at least two online and/or on-campus RCS courses may participate in designated extracurricular activities provided by the Rockingham County Schools." - from RCS Board Policy Code: 4127

    Here are some examples of the many opportunities available for your children.

    • RCS Virtual Academy (online courses)
    • RCS Extracurricular Activities
    • Battle of the Books Competitions
    • Science Fair
    • Academic Challenge Competitions
    • Band, Chorus, Theatre Programs
    • Robotics/ STEM Clubs
    • Summer Enrichment Programs

    If you are interested in enrolling your children in any of our Rockingham County Schools' courses or programs, or would like to learn more, please contact Christy Barham, Director of Digital Learning, Professional Development & Media. She can be reached by EMAIL or phone 336.634.3209.

    (Video) BUDGET UPDATE 2022-23 | Did I Stick to My Budget? | Homeschool Budget | Homeschool Curriculum Cost

  • SAT Practice-

    Free SAT study

  • Science - SciJinks from NOAA/NASA-

    Learn about the weather, play games & see videos with weather events.

  • Shiller Math - Free e-books-

    Get Free e-books from Shiller Math when you sing up for their email list. These are nice e-books with helpful topics for teaching math skills.

  • Statewide - Local Smart Start Offices-

    Various resources available to parents of young children. Hands-on toys & educational games, support and parent and child educational opportunities are all provided free. Some places allow use of their equipment (laminators, cri-cut machines, etc.) to homeschools - check your local listing here to see what they can do to help you homeschool.

  • TED-Ed - Free Lessons-

    TED-Ed Selects are exceptional, user-created lessons that are carefully selected by volunteer teachers and TED-Ed staff. Archived on this page are lessons in every subject. A great free resource for every North Carolina home school!

  • The Frugal Homeschooling Mom
  • The Homeschool Gossip-

    Focus is on Mecklenburg area events, but actually this site has loads of information and helps for homeschoolers in NC. Great Facebook groups too so be sure to check out all the resources!

  • The Homeschool Mom - Encouragement, Tips & Practical Helps for Homeschool Moms-

    Homeschooling is rewarding, fun, challenging, exhausting, and fulfilling, but above all, it is worth the effort. Within THSM is encouragement, advice, resources, curriculum reviews, organization tools, and more. Check it out at the link above!

  • Wake - Raleigh NC Museum of Art-

    FREE Admission except for special exhibits - Located at 2110 Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh NC 27067, the museum has a cafe' a park/outdoor art area and wonderful exhibits. For information visit the website or call (919) 839-6262

    (Video) What Are Natural Resources? | Types Of Natural Resources | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

  • Wake - Raleigh NC Museum of History-

    FREE - Located at 5 East Edenton Street inRaleigh, North Carolina 27601,open Monday–Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. andSunday: Noon to 5:00 p.m. , Call919-807-7900 with Questions.

  • Wake - Raleigh NC Museum of Natural Sciences-

    FREE entry (except for special exhibits) Located at11 West Jones Street in Raleigh, NC 27601 Call (919) 707 - 9800 , Open Monday—Saturday: 9am—5pm andSunday, noon—5pm

  • YouTube Kids - Free App-

    A safer online experience for kids - uses a mix of filters, user feedback and human reviewers to keep the videos in YouTube Kids family friendly. Regularly updated & improved safeguards & features to help parents. Visit the site for the scoop on all the control features available to you & to find out how to download the app.


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